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Judith Hoch

A Bird’s Eye View

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Tane Mahuta

From Judith’s Land

Judith Hoch

A Bird’s Eye View

Judith Hoch has exhibited in many venues in the United States and in New Zealand. She holds a Ph.D. in anthropology and in April 2016 completed a manuscript called The Soothsayer. Her painting, shown on the homepage, also called The Soothsayer, recalls themes from her book and her life. Judith lives in New Zealand, but she has worked with an Afro-Cuban shaman in Miami for many years, and is from Miami originally, where her interest in oracles and divination developed. She is an artist who uses archetypes and symbols to reveal their beauty and deep connection to the human soul. Religions–even entire cultures–are variants of archetypal ideas. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the USA in university and museum galleries and taken part in many local exhibitions in New Zealand in the small arts village where she lives. Brief Resume

Judith has a Ph.D. from McGill University, Montreal. For her doctoral research, she lived in Nigeria where she watched and acted with local theater troupes who performed in Yoruba. Although the culture had been violated by the British colonial government, slave trading, and territorial wars, Yoruba language, poetry, philosophy, and art were still strong. When she accepted a job in Miami, she discovered the Cuban Lucumí (Santeria) religion based on Yoruba spiritual concepts. (Read Eshu Throws a Stone Today and Kills a Bird of Yesterday) Her book The Soothsayer was written after years of divination with ancestral based practices prescribed by obá oríaté Ernesto Pichardo.

She was an assistant professor at the University of Florida and at Florida International University for a number of years. It was while employed at universities she discovered misogyny and sexism in her own culture (Read Alma Pater), and these have been important themes in her artwork.
Judith spent four years studying in Miami with master artist Roberto Martinez. Martinez, a genius in many ways, was she says, her first real teacher. He broke down her arrogance and built her confidence again. He showed Hoch how to see and how to draw. Once an artist can do this, many things are possible.

The painting Crossroads in Judith's Studio

The painting Crossroads in Judith’s Studio

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Selected Paintings, The Courthouse Cafe, Collingwood, NZ, 2015
Paintings by Judith Hoch, Hair Revolution, Takaka, 2011
Evolution: From Alison to Aroha, Wholemeal Café Gallery, Takaka, NZ, December 26- February 15, 2000
In a Spiritual Style, South Miami Centre for Healing Arts, July and August, 1997
Do you believe In Magick?, Reed Whipple Cultural Center, Las Vegas Nevada. Exhibition awarded in competition nationally and supported by the Nevada Arts Council and City of Las Vegas. My workshop, attended by 90 people was entitled: Creativity and Yoga, and my exhibition was hung from July 28-September 16, 1995
All Life is a Form of Celebration, exhibition as part of a festival honoring Thomas Berry. Catholic Priests helped me install my pagan mural screens to honor the feminine principle in nature. St Thomas University, Miami, November 6-27, 1992.

The Power of Mythology, Cultural Resource, Center, Miami Dade Government Center, supported by the City of Miami and Metro Dade Commission, December 3-January 16, 1991
Lifting the Curse, The Higgins Gallery, Cape Cod College, Cape Cod, November 8-December 6. My two day workshop for forty participants was entitled “Lifting the Curse of Feminine Evil”, and my lecture was on the mythological foundations of beliefs in feminine evil.
1989, Judith Hoch: Recent Paintings, The Union Art Gallery, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, November 6-30, 1991.

Selected Group Venues: USA

Florida International University North Campus, Santeria Exhibition of Art; The Museum of Boca Raton; Miami Dade Community College, South Campus; Miami Cultural Resource Center; South Florida Art Center; the Barbara McDonald Gallery, Sacramento, California; The Hortt Competition, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art.


World’s Women On-Line: http://wwol.inre.asu.edu/ (on-going)


2013 Art Residency, Milnthorpe Reserve, Collingwood, NZ
2010 Art Residency, Department of Conservation, Farewell Spit World Heritage Area, Nelson, New Zealand.

Selected Group: New Zealand

Twelve Strands, an exhibition sponsored by the Department of Conservation and the Arts Council, Takaka,
Elemental, Depot Gallery, Devonport, Auckland,
Other Ongoing to 2016: Bay Art; Takaka Expo; Loft Gallery, Motueka; Illumination Gallery, Nelson; Takaka Library; Shed Eleven, Wellington; Michael Fowler Center, Wellington; Magdalena Festival of Women’s Arts, Wellington


A Mermaid for Takaka, Em Hofstadt (poet), Golden Bay Weekly, April, 2012
In a Spiritual Style: the Home as Sanctuary, Laura Cerwinske, Thames and Hudson, New York, 1999. Four of my Goddess Altar screens feature in this book.
Judith Hoch: the Vision Within, one half-hour television show in the series, The Way of the Woman Artist, produced for cable television, Miami.
My work has appeared in the Miami Herald; the Cape Cod Times; The Nelson Evening Mail; Florida Home and Garden; and many local newspapers in Florida and New Zealand


The Soothsayer, unpublished manuscript, 2016
The Woman Holocaust in Early Modern Europe for the Feminist Alternative Press, Miami, Vol. 1, nos 1 & 2, 1991.
Eshu Throws a Stone Today and Kills a Bird of Yesterday, Caribbean Review, Vol VI: 4, p 16-22, 1981
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with Jerry Brown, in Studies in Popular Culture, Vol. LV, Spr. P.59-67, 1981
Alma Pater, in International Journal of Women’s Studies, Vol. 4:3. P 259-268, 1981
Women in Ritual and Symbolic Roles, with Anita Spring, Plenum Press, New York, 1978
Radical Yoruba Female Sexuality: The Witch and The Prostitute, in WIRSR (above), 1978

Tane Mahuta

From Judith’s Land

The forest, on our forty acre bird reserve, is our greatest work where my husband and I have planted and cared for thousands of trees over the past decades. I am passionate about birds and about restoring the environment for them here in New Zealand. We have traps for possums, stoats, and rats, which prey on trees and on bird’s eggs, and which endanger both native plant and bird species like the beloved ground dwelling wekas in the photograph below.

I invite you to look through my portfolios and enjoy the ideas and images that I’ve brought into the world through my art on canvas, paper, and wood. I also invite you to plant a tree this week, somewhere, wherever you are.

“Let me desire and wish well the life these trees may live when I
no longer rise in the mornings to be pleased by the green of them shining,
and their shadows on the ground and the sound of the wind in them.”
–Wendell Barry

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