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Read and Enjoy Judith’s, “An Artist’s Perspective”.

I am Judith Hoch, an artist and an anthropologist, a feminist and a mystic. I live on South Island, New Zealand, right here,  surrounded by forest, beside a river, and near the sea. Nature is my greatest source of spiritual energy, and Happiness is the inner state of Nature. I love dance, yoga, and life! I’d love to hear from you if you are interested in my work. In addition to my paintings, you may like a book I’ve written, The Soothsayer, which will appeal to those of you drawn to divination, Afro-Cuban spirituality, the after-life of spirits, and ancestral prophecies.
I invite you to look through my portfolios and enjoy my art on canvas, paper, and wood.  I also invite  you to read my linked essays which illuminate my ideas and images.

My manifesto: The restoration of our planet’s environment and the empowerment of women go hand in hand. Both are unlikely to happen without the abandonment of mainstream religions that treat women and nature as secondary citizens. Spirit is a force that unites us one to another. Organized religions are political institutions that often divide us. Art at its best is beyond religion, money, and power, transcending time and culture, independent of boundaries and affiliations. Through art we are free. Like Georgia O’Keefe, as my own life evolved, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

The Soothsayer: Painting and Book

“Short Listed for the 2016 Ashton Wylie Body, Mind, and Spirit Literary Awards”
Painting: The Soothsayer

The Soothsayer
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
900mm x 1700mm

A New View of Miami’s Other World by Judith Hoch

In The Soothsayer, Hoch confronts a poltergeist, her mother’s unhappy ghost, and the unique spirits of trees, riverbanks, and rivers, while slowly understanding more about why she must restore her own land in New Zealand, healing the scars of farming. She works with an Afro-Cuban Lucumí diviner, Ernesto Pichardo to explore magic, mediumship, Lucumí stories, and sacred questing, which lead Hoch to Sacred Activism.

Her book is about destiny, life after death, spirits, animal powers, and especially the spirits of natural places that are powerful and special. It describes how to come into a reciprocal relationship with the life-force of nature in order to experience the love and joy of the brilliant New Zealand forest and its birds. It also shows the deep connection of spirit across oceanic and national divides.

Featured Paintings

Painting: Eros

Oil, gold foil, painted photo on canvas
2294mm x 2212mm

Painting: Inside and Outside

Inside and Outside
Acrylic on paper
850mm x 800mm

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